Our Community of Thrivers!

Survivorshift members are comprised of both young and older adults, professionals and students from all walks of life. One of our common threads is that we were always considered extraordinary and we possess the courage, willingness and determination to live in alignment with what it takes to thrive- to move forward despite our diagnosis. Survivorshift meets you where you are at. We've come here knowing that a shift was needed, however, it was not until we committed to raising our INTENTION guided by a solid methodology did we begin to realize our full potential. 

We continue to build community and invite you to join us! Register today!

Our DestinationShift community is passionate about personal growth and excavating the default anatomy that is preventing them from designing the life they want in the face of personal challenges.

The DestinationShift Course creates the space you need to grow, build upon and make the shift needed to THRIVE.  Yes, you'll have to do the work and with that you'll reap the benefits of knowing how it feels to move forward with peace, purpose, and power.

Our DestinationShift classes are 1 hour 15 minutes and we meet once per week over a period of four weeks.