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4-Week Private Small Group Course to Take You From Surviving to Thriving in the Face of Your Diagnosis

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You've been diagnosed. Now what? What are you going to do? How will you beat this? Can you beat this? The questions flood in...and then here come the emotions. Fear. Anger. Shock. Overwhelmed.

The constant poking and prodding and the highs and lows of repetitive therapies that are shaping this “new you” are more than a notion. In the face of major diagnosis, nothing seems the same. The faces, the “professionals”, the caretakers, loss of physical strength and in many cases you don’t even look like...well-YOU. Sometimes, a sense of guilt even sets in.


At the end of the day, you’ll never be the same and you want your power back.  You want to move from Surviving to Thriving to be masterful in the face of a diagnosis so powerful it feels as if it has taken you completely out! You are not alone.



DestinationSHIFT is a four-week private group course and community designed to walk you through your personal 3-phase transformation from surviving to thriving.

Move forward, beyond the diagnosis with Peace, Purpose and Power.  Become intentional about your treatment, be supported through your healing and recovery process, and stand in your power on your transformational journey. 


WEEK I: Take an honest inventory to uncover and release the default energy pattern that is creating your current anxiety and fear.


WEEK II: Identify your unique power sources of energy and design a new pattern that creates specific new outcomes and experiences.


WEEKS III + IV: Elevate Your Intention and activate your game plan and personalized support structure to completely shift your results from surviving to thriving!